practice makes [picture] perfect


My Newborn and Nephew

I wanted to take a quick pic of my newborn baby boy, Mason, and his 1 week older newborn cousin, Liam.  I didn’t have any good lighting, but tried my best. Didn’t come out like I hoped though, but it was good enough.


Company Christmas Group Pic

My manager asked me to take a group pic, so without a tripod, I placed my camera on top of a trash can and set it on self timer. This is our unedited Christmas picture.

UPDATE: I uploaded the few that wanted individual pictures.

Just Swinging By

Took my kids out to the playground, but their mother got cold, so we didn’t stay long and I couldn’t really snap any pictures. Although, I got pretty good one of my youngest son on the swings.


Kids Hanging Out

My wife’s mother asked us to join them to receive some blessings from a monk. It’s like getting baptized in a sense, but the positive energy was there. Afterwards the kids went outside to play and I couldn’t help but snap a few shots.