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The Infamous “D-Nasty”

My sister in law was home for winter break. Wanted to at least get a shoot in with her but did not expect to go out in the late evening with no light. Upped my ISO and hope that everything comes out decent. My nifty fifty at 1.8 was well worth the money and then some. No Flash used at all.


In-Law’s X-Mas

I know Christmas is over, but I’ve been a little busy and just wanted to post up a few pics to play catch up. This is my sister in law and her husband, just a couple of xmas pics I did for them real quick.

Company Christmas Group Pic

My manager asked me to take a group pic, so without a tripod, I placed my camera on top of a trash can and set it on self timer. This is our unedited Christmas picture.

UPDATE: I uploaded the few that wanted individual pictures.


First Family Portrait

A good friend of mine asked me to take some pictures of his family. They’ve never had a good family portrait, so I figured we can hang out for the day and also take some pictures.