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The Infamous “D-Nasty”

My sister in law was home for winter break. Wanted to at least get a shoot in with her but did not expect to go out in the late evening with no light. Upped my ISO and hope that everything comes out decent. My nifty fifty at 1.8 was well worth the money and then some. No Flash used at all.


Just Swinging By

Took my kids out to the playground, but their mother got cold, so we didn’t stay long and I couldn’t really snap any pictures. Although, I got pretty good one of my youngest son on the swings.


Kids Hanging Out

My wife’s mother asked us to join them to receive some blessings from a monk. It’s like getting baptized in a sense, but the positive energy was there. Afterwards the kids went outside to play and I couldn’t help but snap a few shots.

Preppin’ for Christmas

My wife and I wanted our sons, niece and nephew to have a little fun this Christmas. My wife bought the stockings and we went out to get the glitter and glue and let the kids do their name on the stockings. Needless to say glitter was everywhere and guessed who cleaned it all up??? This guy!